Work Visa

Work Visa

Canada is one of the most desirable and favoured immigration destinations in the world. High standard of living, better wages and innumerable growth opportunities makes it an indisputable place to work and settle in. Alongside, one can also experience clean and safe environment, free healthcare, subsidised education and a culturally diverse society which indeed promotes better lifestyle. 

Canada work visa is a visa category under which a foreign worker is eligible to work in the country for a stipulated time period. The work visas are issued under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Work permits are classified into two, namely 


- Open work permits 

- Employer specific work permits. 


Open work permits are not employer specific which implies that one can work for any employer in Canada. Employer specific work permits mention the conditions of the employment like nature of job, name and location of the employer along with the duration of the employment.

Aspirants must apply for the work visa only after meeting some mandatory documentation requirements like a valid job letter from a Canadian employer, contractual letter, LMIA and the LMIA number. The company or organisation must obtain a LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) from ESDC (Employment and Social Development Canada) in order to hire a foreign worker. LMIA is a document which will exhibit the requirements of a foreign national to meet the labour market needs and take up the job, that can not be fulfilled by a Canadian permanent resident or citizen. Students graduated from Canadian colleges and universities can also avail a work permit depending on the program’s credential and duration. 

There are several eligibility criteria depending on the location of candidate and type of work permit. Besides, there are some mandatory requirements to be met for one and all. 

- Proof of sufficient funds to look after the primary applicant and their family members during their stay in Canada

- No records of criminal activity

- Physically fit and can undergo medical examinations if needed.

- Not tend to work for employers listed as ‘ineligible’ or fail to comply with compulsory conditions.

- Proof of returning back to the home country and leave Canada once the work permit expires. 

We here at Canadawale assist aspirants to achieve their dreams by chalking out the right career path.

Note: Canadawale does not guarantee the candidature of an applicant. Aspirants will have to meet eligibility criteria and requirements which are subject to change. The final decision is at the Consulate of Canada based on the documents and information submitted by the candidate