The provincial nominee program or PNP assists aspirants to migrate to Canada and settle in a specific province or territory of Canada. Each province has its own provincial nominee program which nominates eligible candidates to apply for Canadian permanent resident status. These nominee programs have been established by the provinces to meet the employment requirements based on the labour market needs and economy. Aspirants have the autonomy to choose a province or territory of their choice.

The popular provinces for this program are Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, British Columbia, Ontario, Alberta, New Brunswick, Manitoba, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador etc. The Quebec province has not established its nominee program. The province has its own set of selection criteria to nominate immigrants. Candidates nominated through such entry streams are known as Enhanced Nominations. 

The candidates aspiring to migrate to Canada through these streams must provide a Letter of Interest subsequent to which they will receive invitations to apply for PR in the province. 

The eligibility criteria for these programs differs from province to province and are subject to change depending on the provincial requirements.

The candidates are assessed on the basis of various factors like age, work experience, educational qualification, professional training and skill set.