Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program

Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program is a process to migrate to Canada for non Canadians and make Saskatchewan their home. The eligible candidates are sent invites and are nominated to the federal government to gain Canadian PR. There are several categories under SINP to migrate to Canada, namely

Farm owner and operator application

Skilled professional with valid Saskatchewan work permit 

Business Investor and Entrepreneur 

International Skilled worker 

Processing Time for SINP- The SINP application processing time is calculated in weeks and is updated every three months. Processing time is subject to change as per the Consulate of Canada.

Applications under Skilled professional with valid Saskatchewan work permit and International Skilled Worker category can be processed in approx 16 weeks. The minimum time can be as little as 2 to 3 weeks depending on the applicant’s occupation. Applicants asked to provide documented proof to support their profile information by the government can experience another 3 to 4 weeks in the processing. 

Applications under Farm category and Business investor or Entrepreneur can be processed in approx 24 to 32 weeks with the minimum time as 8 weeks for Entrepreneur nominations.

Job Approval Process- In order to hire a foreign skilled worker through SINP, an employer requires a  SINP Job Approval Letter. The Job approval forms are assessed by the Employers Services to check the requirement and can be processed within 6 weeks. If the submitted positions meet the requirements by the employer, the position will be approved to create job opportunities. Post approval the applicant can add his/her name for the position in order to create Candidate Specific Job Approval letter for inclusion in the SINP application.

Family Sponsorship under SINP- The applicants can sponsor a spouse, common law partner or dependent child who wish to migrate to Saskatchewan with them.

For the sponsorship, children must be under the age of 22 who do not have a spouse or common law partner and/or has depended for financial assistance till the age of 22 and unable to have financial support for themselves due to a mental or physical condition. 

Applications for dependant children can be comprised under the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP)


Candidate should be accepted in CIC’s express entry pool.

60 out of 100 is the minimum score based on 5 factors.

Minimum language proficiency of English and French- Canada’s official languages i.e. CLB 4 or higher if required by the regulatory bodies. 

At least 1 year of skilled work experience in the past 10 years.

Proof of sufficient funds if applied without an approved job offer.

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