Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) is a program that enables graduate students, skilled workers, entrepreneurs and their families aspiring to settle and establish permanent resident status in Manitoba. 

Manitoba was the first Canadian province to initiate its own immigration program, MPNP. The economy demands skilled workers, professionals and businesspeople. Every year around 15,000 people migrate to Manitoba through MPNP. In most cases, the foreign skilled workers experience a positive outcome. The denouement of the program had been surveyed, ascertaining 85% of the nominees were able to bag a job within 3 months of arrival. 76% of the MPNP immigrants were homeowners in 5 years and 95% of the population settled permanently in Manitoba.

The Manitoba Government is about to undertake 20,000 skilled workers by 2020. 

Foreign skilled professionals are selected on the basis of current skill requirements in the job market.

Manitoba’s safe and secure working environment provides good wages, job benefits and employment rights. The province offers a high quality life with low cost of living and government funded education and health care.

The applicants are nominated on the basis of their connections. There are several ways to denote these connections like


Work experience and education

Family members and friends 

Invitation to Apply by MPNP 

The candidate must submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) depending on the stream of his/her application.  The EOI is a settlement plan to describe the plans of working and residing in Manitoba, and contributing to the province’s economy. There is no definite number of applicants and stipulated time frame defined for who can submit the EOI.

Prior to the EOI submission a candidate must check his/her eligibility. 

The candidates eligible with the highest score and a valid connection to the province will be sent invites to submit MPNP application. Applications will then undergo assessment, following which successful candidates will receive invites to apply for PR.


Skilled Workers in Manitoba- International student graduates and Qualified temporary foreign workers currently working in Manitoba and have been offered a permanent job by a Manitoba employer.

Skilled Worker Overseas- Qualified skilled workers capable of  showing strong connections to the province through family or friends; past education or employment or by invites from MPNP.

Minimum 60 points assessed for 5 eligibility criterias- age, education, work experience, english proficiency and adaptability

Candidates with no connection  to Manitoba are not eligible under this stream.


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