Post Landing Services For New PRs and Students

Our job doesn't end once you get your visa, in fact, that's when our real job begins.. Getting the visa is not an end but the start of the journey.. Our goal is to settle you down as we know how challenging it can be to adjust in a foreign land and getting things sorted! Hence, our unparalleled post- landing services makes us a hot favourite among our clients whom we treat as our family! Our Canadian team helps you with airport pickup, meet and greet, house hunting, opening bank account, SIN, HEALTH CARD and driving license application, monthly transit pass, job search assistance, resume writing in Canadian format, drafting cover letter, resume marketing, understanding your career goals and advising the appropriate track, networking events (in Canada, knowing the right person is often the key), connecting with employment services, interview preparation, insurance, mortgage, buying a new car, legal experts, family care, career coaching, cultural orientation and all that you would ever need.

Our friendly and experienced team in Canada is there to help you out whenever you need them. New immigrants and students waste a lot of their valuable time and money trying to figure out things in a new country and often have no idea which route to take. We provide you some very essential tips and tricks that could save you months of hard work and thousands of dollars. Very few people in Canada can offer such specialized services; you can count on the experience gathered by our team in Canada in person. We are not just your consultant, but trusted partners for life!